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The 1st IMS Japan Awards

Learning Analytics Center, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Kyushu University

Grand Prize

M2B (Mitsuba) system that supports data-driven educational improvement

Net Learning Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

About the e-learning authoring tool “Easy Series”

Asial Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

Programming education with domestic application development tool Monaca

Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

"Weak point tag cloud" focusing on correctness information created as an extended function of LMS

Establishment of the IMS Japan Award

In June 2016, the establishment of the IMS Japan Award was decided to commemorate the founding of the IMS Japan Society. Modeled after the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Learning Impact Award (LIA), it recognizes outstanding examples of outstanding contributions to the educational use of technology. Not only vendors that have provided products and services (including prototypes in the development stage), but also educational and training institutions that have introduced them and implemented innovative practices are eligible. The IMS Society of Japan hopes that vendors and implementing organizations will apply in close cooperation. It was held in conjunction with the Japan e-Learning Awards (recruitment in June, awards in October), and the final judging of the LIA (recruitment deadline in December, award ceremony at the spring conference the following spring) hosted by IMS Global Learning Consortium for the Excellence Award (Separate submission of English screening materials and presentation at the spring competition in the following spring are required), and the first prize will be awarded a prize of 200,000 yen for travel expenses. Following South Korea, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the LIA will be the fourth country to be exempted from preliminaries, but Brazil will also participate from this year. In the future, it is expected that Japan will also proceed with development in accordance with global standards, with a view to use overseas.

IMS Japan Award Selection Method

Since the IMS Japan Award has the character of LIA's regional qualifiers, the selection criteria for the IMS Japan Award are determined in accordance with the LIA's selection method. However, from the perspective of promoting a wider understanding of the activities of the IMS Global Learning Consortium in Japan, we accept submissions in Japanese. International judges (IMS Global Learning Consortium CEO, Dr. Rob Abel) will also participate in the second round of the IMS Japan Awards (selected by the top three points), and the judging will be conducted in English (if the application documents are in Japanese) , will be translated into English in consultation with the applicant).

"IMS Japan Award" Award Ceremony

On October 26, 2016 (Wednesday), the award ceremony for the 1st "IMS Japan Award" was held at the venue of the Ochanomizu Sola City e-Learning Awards 2014 Forum in Tokyo. The award-winning works are as follows.

Grand Prize

  • "M2B System Supporting Data-Driven Educational Improvement" Learning Analytics Center, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Kyushu University

Outstanding performance award(3 cases)

  • "About the e-learning authoring tool 'Easy series'" Net-learning Inc.

  • “Programming Education with Domestic App Development Tool Monaca” ASial Co., Ltd.

  • "Weak point tag cloud" focusing on correctness information created as an extended function of LMS Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.

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