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This corporation is a voluntary organization composed of groups participating in 1EdTech Consortium Inc. (former IMS Global Learning Consortium) from Japan and people engaged in dissemination activities in Japan. The purpose is to disseminate in

  • 1Publicity and dissemination of various technical standards of EdTech

  • Formation and development of a research community related to 1EdTech technical standards, and promotion of surveys and research related to 1EdTech technical standards

  • 1Holding workshops, seminars, networking events, etc. to support the introduction of various EdTech technical standards

  • Exchange and cooperation with related organizations in Japan and abroad

  • Development of human resources who can utilize e-learning, etc., using various 1EdTech technologies in Japan and Asia

  • Other business necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

June 3, 2016 (Heisei 28)

IMS Japan Society
(Japanese name: 一般社団法人 日本IMS協会)

Purpose of association ​ and business



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Regular member (general global member)


Groups (scheduled to be 4 groups in late August)

General area member


Groups (scheduled to be 41 groups in late August)

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Toward the realization of
"fairly individually optimized learning"

The Japan IMS Association was established in 2016 by Japanese universities and companies that participate in the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global), an international standardization organization.

More than 20 technical standards developed and published by IMS Global are not only learning management systems (LMS) but also various educational information systems such as educational (school affairs) systems, examination systems, digital credential systems, curriculum and syllabus management systems. Covers and enhances interoperability between systems.

The Japan IMS Association is promoting the spread of IMS technical standards mainly in Japan with the aim of realizing "fairly individually optimized learning".

About IMS Japan Society

Introducing the organization overview and member list of the IMS Japan Society

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