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Question & Test Interoperability® (QTI®)
  • QTI describes the representation and basic structure of problems (items) and test data.

  • ​ Allows mutual data exchange between the following systems.

  • ​problem authoring system

  • Question and test management system

  • test execution system

  • Results analysis system

QTI-related standards domestic introduction study group (abbreviation: QTI group)

What is QTI
QTI is one of the oldest e-learning standards and still in use today. Regular updates have been repeated, and additions have been made from time to time.
The purpose of QTIv3.0 released on May 1st of this year is as follows.

  • Better interoperability and more consistent representation of problems

  • Full markup support using HTML5 and web components

  • Standardization of expressions including CSS for styling

  • APIP (Accessible Portable Item Protocol) [6] integration

  • Support for W3C specifications and accessibility best practices to further improve accessibility

  • Computer adaptive test support

  • Support for PCI and Technology-enhanced Items (TEI)

way to participate

  • Any member of the IMS Society of Japan can participate.

  • Please fill in your name, affiliation, title, and contact e-mail address and apply to the address below.
    ​QTI Section Secretariat (Persons in charge: Yamada, Fujiwara, Yasuhara)

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