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Activities of IMS Japan Society

1Edtech (former IMS Global Learning Consortium), the mother organization of the IMS Japan Society, has produced more than 25 technical standards related to education and learning. The IMS Japan Society has established subcommittees that specialize in digital badges (Open Badges), LTI®, Caliper, and OneRoster, which are of particular interest in Japan. The subcommittee promotes activities according to the characteristics of each technical standard, such as domestic dissemination, localization, implementation support, and feedback to 1Edtech. ​

Digital badge
 (Open Badge, CLR, CASE)

By embedding standardized metadata related to learning achievements in badge design images, we promote learning and human resource communication with enhanced portability of verifiable skills and credentials.

Learning Tools Interoperability

It is used for authentication linkage (single sign-on) between teaching materials and applications, and exchange of user information, grades, links to teaching materials, etc. between applications after linkage.


Used for exchanging information about teachers, children/students, classes, etc. It also covers student performance and the exchange of teaching materials.


An IMS technical standard used to describe learning objectives and evaluation criteria (rubrics), such as information contained in curricula and syllabuses, curriculum standards and competency model structures.

Caliper Analytics

It is an international standard that aims to enable visualization and analysis of learning activities beyond the framework of teaching materials and applications. Unify logs such as application execution time, operation history, learning grades, etc.


QTI describes the representation and basic structure of problems (items) and test data.

Subcommittee activities

Introducing the efforts of each technical committee of the IMS Japan Society.

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