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Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®)
  • An IMS technical standard used to describe learning objectives and evaluation criteria (rubrics), such as information contained in curricula and syllabuses, curriculum standards and competency model structures.

  • It is a relatively new standard, with the latest version, CASE 1.0, published in 2017.

  • It is not a PDF or HTML document, but a technical standard intended to be “machine-readable” in both syntax and semantics, and intended for automatic processing by machines.

CASE Study Group

What is CASE
1EdTech CASE (Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange) is a technical standard for learning objectives and evaluation criteria (assessment rubrics). Information can be described in a machine-readable format and given a unique identifier in the world. Not only curriculum standards, syllabuses, skill standards, but also learning history data (IMS Caliper Analytics), digital credentials (1EdTech Open Badge version 2, 1EdTech Comprehensive Learner Records), content distribution (1EdTech Common Cartridge, 1EdTech LTI Resource Search) etc. will also be required. It is an essential element for the establishment of Japan's learning/education digital ecosystem, which automates learning and education support with AI and educational IoT.

CASE and the CASE Network
1EdTech CASE is a technical standard, but CASE Network has the meaning of a set of curriculum standards (or skill standards, syllabus, evaluation criteria, etc.) described in the CASE technical standard and a community of stakeholders gathered through it. As of April 2021, the CASE Network in North America is the only example. There is a possibility that a CASE Network will emerge according to regional characteristics (Note that the consortium that uses CASE does not have to call itself a "CASE Network", so there is a possibility that it will become latent). Products used in the upcoming learning/education digital ecosystem cannot be guaranteed interoperability with just one technical standard. Digital badges compliant with 1EdTech Open Badge version 2 also use IMS LTI when exchanged between badge repositories, and CASE is used to certify content. CASE Network can be said to be a dissemination model that considers the configuration of a digital ecosystem from the top down based on learning goals.

CASE Study Group

  • Through the activities of this study group, in addition to research and information sharing on CASE, we will promote exchanges among those concerned toward the establishment of the Japanese version of the CASE Network.

  • There is a Higher Education/Lifelong Learning Subcommittee and an Elementary and Secondary Education Subcommittee. Others may be added at the request of the participants.

  • We hold workshops several times a year. The first regular meeting was held on March 30, 2021.

  • Regular activities are held on Slack (only registered members can participate)

  • We anticipate the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, and you can participate without belonging to 1EdTech Consortium (former IMS Global Learning Consortium) or Japan IMS Association (membership fee is free for the time being).

way to participate

  • Both individuals and corporations can participate.

  • Please fill in your name, affiliation, title, and contact e-mail address and apply to the address below.
    ​CASE Study Group Secretariat (Responsible: Yamada, Yori Tanaka, Fujiwara)

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