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The 2nd IMS Japan Awards have been announced.
The first round of judging will be conducted from among the submitted works, far exceeding last year's first round.
In addition, each award was decided as a result of the second screening, which was conducted by inviting IMS Global CEO Rob Abel.

The 2nd IMS Japan Awards

Cyber University

Grand Prize

Cloud Campus: An integrated online education platform that facilitates educational content creation and mutual sharing

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Infinitec Co., Ltd., Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

"Out-of-class collaborative learning support web application (MALO)" for flipped classroom type active learning practice

Jichi Medical University

Outstanding performance award

Nursing specific action training using ICT as work continuous training

Kyoto Information Graduate University

Outstanding performance award

Practice of blended learning for next-generation agricultural human resource development using wearable drone cameras

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

Education platform that realizes work style reform ICT x Education: SkyDesk Mixed Learning

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

Jury Encouragement Award

Advanced online learning platform "Known"

Someday Co., Ltd.

Jury Encouragement Award

SNS type e-portfolio “Feelnote”

Business Consultant Co., Ltd.

Jury Encouragement Award

Practical e-learning "Biz-Ex" that allows you to simulate management experience

Presena Strategic Partners Co., Ltd.

Jury Encouragement Award

Next Generation Business Skill Learning System Utilizing Adaptive Learning

Semiosis Inc.

Jury Encouragement Award

Finger Board teaching materials for distance learning for elementary Japanese language learners that utilizes "movements" unique to electronic teaching materials

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