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November 14, 2018 The IMS Japan Award 2018 award ceremony was held at the e-Learning Awards held at Ochanomizu Sola City Hall. From the applications of a total of 50 groups, the following groups were selected for the Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and Jury Encouragement Award!

The 3rd IMS Japan Awards

Sony Global Education Inc.

Grand Prize

KOOV for Enterprise ~ Inquiry and creativity in your classroom ~

Net Learning Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

A new integrated platform that realizes “group training x IT”

Sony Global Education Inc.

Jury Encouragement Award

Education Data Network — Powered by Blockchain Technology
Transcript and learning history recording service —

University of Health Care Management, Chiel Co., Ltd., Eduplay Co., Ltd.

Jury Encouragement Award

Learning environment using LINE@

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