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On November 13, 2019 (Wednesday), the 4th IMS Japan Award Ceremony was held at the "e-Learning Awards 2019 Forum" held at the Ochanomizu Sola City Conference Center. Out of more than 50 groups in total, the following groups were awarded the Grand Prize, Excellence Award, Special Award, and Jury Encouragement Award!

The 4th IMS Japan Awards

Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.

Grand Prize

A large-scale academic ability survey platform that measures the four foreign language skills

Sony Global Education Inc.

Outstanding performance award

PROC - First step for curiosity and creativity -

Sight Visit Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

AI Mock Exam "Future Questions" ~Prediction Service for National Examination Questions by AI~

Net Learning Co., Ltd.

special prize

Since e-learning is produced and delivered in-house at the site, the education of store staff will change greatly!

Hi-Lable Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

Hylable Discussion for Quantitative Visualization of Discussions

Smart SE (representative school: Waseda University)

special prize

enPiT-Pro Smart SE Online Course

Gifted Co., Ltd.

Jury Encouragement Award

Breaking away from individualized OJT education - Future that can be realized by systematizing OJT education -

VIPABC Co., Ltd.

Jury Encouragement Award

Online English conversation vipabc


Jury Encouragement Award

Animation of all the thinking processes of mathematics "Gen and Nana's mathematics" A one-hour class can be understood in 3 minutes with CG Perfect learning up to application problems

Asahikawa University

Jury Encouragement Award

Development and application of new teaching materials using virtual reality to compensate for exercises that are diverging from the actual situation of nursing

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