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November 11, 2021 The 6th IMS Japan Award was announced and an awards ceremony was held at the ``e-Learning Awards 2021'' held at the Sola city hall in the Ochanomizu Sola City Conference Center. From the applications of more than 60 groups, the following groups have been selected for the Grand Prize, Excellence Award, Special Award, and Encouragement Award! congratulations!

The 6th IMS Japan Awards

Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.

Grand Prize

Learning e-portal L-Gate for schools

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

Open University School

Outstanding performance award

Significance of OUJ issuing open badges on the learning portal in the learning management system (LMS)

Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.

Outstanding performance award

AI-based language learning 4 skills Learning partner app “Trepa” PoC test corresponding to IMS international technical standards QTI/LTI

EDGE Co., Ltd.

​Special Award

"Airy Feedback Cloud" that leads 1on1 to success

Mingaku Co., Ltd.

​Special Award

[Mingaku] Specialized online self-study room system for educational institutions & management agency ~ A completely new form of learning log ~

Monogusa Co., Ltd.

​Special Award

Memory app "Monoxer" that solves and memorizes

Ohoshi Research Institute

Incentive award

study general mechanization program

Technium Co., Ltd.

Incentive award

DMG Mori Seiki Digital Academy, an e-learning service that supports the machining industry today and creates the future

Mint Speech Education Institute

Incentive award


(3) IMS Japan Prize Explanation and Commentary

IMS Society of Japan
Director/Chairman of Steering Committee
Tsuneo Yamada

(4) Grand Prize Winner Commemorative Lecture

IMS Japan Award Grand Prize Winner
Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
Mr. Eita Aoki

(5) Information about Japan IMS Association

IMS Society of Japan
executive director
Shigeo Fujiwara

Briefing paper

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